Disasters Can Strike
anywhere in the world

Preparation - Response - Recovery

Don’t just respond to a disaster, dominate. The A1X team is in the air and on the ground as soon as the storm clears, self-contained and fully functional on day-one. We achieve rapid dominance in the disaster zone through a near-total understanding of participants and the operational environment, management of that environment, timeliness in application and operational brilliance in execution. When you are doing these things, you are winning.

The A1X solution is unique in its range of expertise, technology and operational reach. Don’t get caught waiting for others to do what they can when they can.


A1X - Ready to Serve at a Moments Notice

Debris Removal

Utility Repairs



Disasters Can Happen Anywhere
A1X Can Respond Day 1 and Dominate.

It's Simple, Whatever You Need, Wherever You Need It, We're There

  • Restoration Case Managers and Inspectors
  • First on the Ground and in the Air
  • Short Take-off / Landing (STOL) Insertion
  • Self-Supported Response Operations
  • Rapid Needs Assessment / Damage Assessment
  • On-Scene Coordinator (OSC)
  • Liaison to FEMA-NVOAD-NOAA-NGOs-Private Sector
  • Facility / Personnel Security and Force Protection
  • Infrastructure Loss Assessment
  • Secure and Reliable Communications
  • Joint Information Center
  • Regional Operation Center
  • Public Information Officer
  • Fill Command & General Staff Positions
  • Medium/High Altitude, Long Endurance Aerial Recon
  • Real-time High-Resolution / Large Area Imagery
  • Set-up Disaster Assistance Center / Field Office
  • Multiple Emergency Support Functions (ESFs)
  • Operate in Formal Incident Command System (ICS)